There were many famous owners of Sealyhams in past decades.Here are a few .......


Princess Margaret in a very fetching pose with one of her Sealyhams



 The Queen, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne and Prince Charles!!!!!

With two Sealyhams.



Cary Grant has a sealyham puppy in his pocket. .



 Alfred Hitchcock - he was obviously smitten by the Sealyham Terrier



 Alfred Hitchcock in an opening scene of The Birds - we always watch it for this moment!



Alfred Hitchcock with a Spaniel, and, of course, his Sealyham


 A whole pack of Sealyhams steal the show in the film 'Storm in a Teacup'.



Adolphe Menjou and wife with sealyham on boat



Elizabeth Taylor with Sealyham Taffy 1947 



 Hitch, Picasso and Sealyham




Gary Cooper and his Sealyham



Gary Cooper and his wife with Sealyhams



 The Queen Mother




 Princess Margaret


Sir Jocelyn Lucas in 1959



 Sir Jocelyn Lucas's famous pack of Ilmer Sealyhams at Kennels



Hollywood Actress Madeleine Carroll with Susie


Bette Davis


Humphrey Bogart in 1930


The Writer/Poet  Dorothy Parker in 1941


Agatha Christies husband Max with her Sealyham just before the Second World War