We have had quite a lot of publicity for the Sealyhams over the past few years.

Here is a selection of articles that have been published.

June 2008 ~ Hounds Magazine



June 2009 ~ The Field Magazine ~ Our Very First Cover Girl #  Madge makes the front cover !





August 2011 ~ The Countrymans Weekly



 October 2011  ~ Country Life Magazine with our puppy Molly on the front cover




October 2011 ~ The Daily Mail



October 2011 ~ The Independant





25th December Christmas Day 2011 ~ Sky News Report featuring our Sealyhams




 August 2012 ~ The Shooting Times Magazine




 March 2013 ~  www.gunsonpegs.com written by Charlie Dupont


In terms of sheer enjoyment, there is not much that can beat a good day's ratting! Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be joined by the Sealyham Terrier club at the family farm in Dorset.

The Sealyham Terrier

The Sealyham Terrier is the creation of an eccentric 19th century sportsman, named John Owen Tucker Edwardes. His aim was to establish a specific strain of working terrier, with particular prowess in quarrying badger and otter. Therefore, the required qualities were gameness and endurance with as much substance as could be encompassed in the small, quick dog needed to dig and battle underground. The breed took its name from Captain Edwardes estate, Sealyham mansion, near Haverfordwest in West Wales. They were often hunted in packs, the most famous being the Ilmer Pack, belonging to Sir Jocelyn Lucas MP.

The Sealyham has had its Royal admirers in the past, the late Princess Margaret owned several, indeed in its heyday in the 1930's, the Sealyham could be seen gracing the living rooms of the rich and famous including Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor and Humphrey Bogart.

Having owned and worked Sealyhams for many years Harry and his wife decided to start up The Working Sealyham Terrier Club in 2008 to mark the centenary of the first breed club in 1908. In 2008 there were only 43 Sealyham pups registered in the UK making them one of the most vulnerable of our native dog breeds. However, there has been a slow but steady increase in numbers each year and with 76 pups registered in 2012 they are still very vulnerable, but things are moving in the right direction. It was therefore a real treat to have them out with us at the weekend!

An early start in the chicken shed

7.45am Harry arrived with 17 or so terriers in the back of his pickup all raring to go! 10 minutes later and Nigel arrived with more dogs. I had initially wanted to get out into the pheasant pens and take out the rats that had been feasting on the wheat in the feeders, however the wet weather and bad timing on my part put an end to that. The best time to hit those pheasant pen rats is immediately after the shooting season when they are still expecting the feeders to be topped up. By now, most of the rats have moved to places where food is more abundant.

We were therefore resigned to the chicken pen and grain store at a neighbouring farm. Harry explained that his little terriers were no fools and they would know if there were any rats around so we allowed them to wander around the chicken pen to see what interest there was. Interest was minimal, to say the least but with the wet weather that we have been having Harry was not at all surprised. "If it was this cold and I was a rat, I would be in the warmth inside under cover somewhere. Let's look in the shed" he remarked. So inside we went with 7 or so terriers, all eager to be the first to find a rat! After blocking up the some of the escape routes we let the terriers dig. There was definitely more interest! With a little help from a shovel, out popped a large rat and ran straight under my legs and I jumped and screamed like a little girl! It didn't get far though and was later found in two bits. We had found a nest and it wasn't long before the dogs found the rest of the youngsters!

The Grain Store

7 rats down and off to the grain store! It wasn't long before Nigel and the terriers had worked out where the rats were. Four fertilizer bags full of grain with old empty bags on top allowed for the next excitement. One rat broke early and made it across the yard to safety, followed in quick pursuit by a number of terriers - lucky rat! As if they had been put there on purpose, a number of old doors were used to fence in the rats so that when they bolted from the bags there was nowhere to run. Herding cattle is one thing but herding rats is another! Screams of excitement could be heard every time a rat bolted. Even my wife and my friend's fiancée were in full voice, if a little terrified! We added 5 more to the tally, which added to a healthy 12 in total.

Pure class

Luckily the sun came out and we thought it would be nice to get out and let the terriers stretch their legs. Now we all know terriers to be, in some cases yappy and in most cases uncontrollable but Harry showed us quite how brilliant these little dogs are. In terms of control and organisation, they would make most fox hound packs look like a mess. Over the fields and up the streams we went and at no time did any of the terriers go missing or stray from Harry. A real spectacle to behold.

So, what an exciting day we had. Perhaps not the numbers Harry was used to but great fun all the same. When the weather dries up, the rats will be back outside and I will be sure to invite Harry back for another go, but as far as the day was concerned, we had 12 rats, a lot of fun and Harry was able to see the potential for some summer ratting and February pheasant pen ratting.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending The Sealyham Terrier pack to anyone who wishes to reduce the number of rats they have on their farm or estate. They are also an extremely effective means of other vermin control on the estate, specifically for any Gamekeepers out there who would like vermin removed. Not only is it a job well done but also a fantastic day out with lots of fun, done in a professional manner.

If you would like to get in touch with Harry and his team, please contact them on 07974948312 or email them at gail@gwestcott.wanadoo.co.uk. Failing that, you can meet them at some of the Game and Country Fairs throughout the year, where they will be promoting the breed whenever and wherever they can (including the CLA Game Fair, The Royal Norfolk Show, The Royal Bath & West, The Festival of Hunting Peterborough to name a few


 June 17th 2013 ~ Western Morning News




 September 25th 2013 ~ The Shooting Times






August 2014 ~ The Sporting Gun 



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Sealyhams ~ Leaders of the Rat Pack 



25th February 2015 ~ Shooting Times Cover Girls !

Another proud moment :)

Our Olivia and Maud on the front cover of this weeks Shooting Times & Country Magazine .

A Wonderful photo taken by Nick Ridley .




20th March 2015 ~ The Field Magazine

We are absolutely delighted  with this front cover shot of Blossom, Hector and Aida together with a superb article on the pack written by Rory Knight Bruce in the April edition of The Field magazine.


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 The Field ~ The Ratpack on Tour


 May 2015 ~ The Sporting Gun


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Sporting Gun Magazine ~ Picking Up With A Sealyham  


September 2015  ~ German Dog Magazine 

We are extremely proud and pleased to have our terriers featured in this months German Wuff magazine 



January 2016  # Our Elsie on the front cover of the Countrymans Weekly 


March 2016 # Country Life Magazine





March  2016 ~ Radio Times 

Land of Hope and Glory - British Country Life

Land of Hope and Glory - British Country Life
Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Jane Treays, who filmed Inside Claridge's, spent a year in rural Britain for this series about the people who make and read Country Life. Blooming young English roses still vie to be presented to society via a comely snap at the front of the mag, as they have for a century.

March 2016 # TV Times




March 16th 2016 ~ Country Life Preview


Land of Hope and Glory ~ British Country Life ~ Episode 3 Preview Clip ( BBC2 Fri 18th March 9pm )

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August 2016  # The Countrymans Weekly 



5th October 2016 # The Sporting Gun Magazine  


 December 2016 # Fieldsports Magazine

 seelyham terriersratting with terriers

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 Fieldsports Magazine



March 2017 # The Field Magazine 

We were delighted to place Betsy,  one our beautiful 3/4 Sealyham puppies with  Jonathan Young ~ The editor of The Field magazine ~ In this issue there is a small article recounting Betsy's first few weeks in her new home .We think that Betsy is going to have a wonderful life......






5th May 2017 ~ Sealyhams in the Sporting Gun

Our  ratting day in Worcestershire is now available to read in an article by Nick Ridley in the June Issue of the Sporting Gun Magazine ~ Good Day ~Great Article



9th August 2017  ~ Sealyhams in the Shooting Times

 Lovely article by Frank Houghton Brown with some great photohraphs by Nick Ridley 




 2nd April 2018 ~ The Field Magazine


 23rd April 2018 ~ Betsy



  9th May 2018 ~ Edward and Mabel ( Father and Daughter )



 28th June 2018  Shooting Times  Magazine