We have been sent in some lovely photos of Sealyhams from people who had them in their families years ago and we would like to share them with you.If you have any old photos that we could include in this section please do send them to us.

Sealyham Mansion in Pembrokeshire,Wales ~ Where it all began


Captain Edwards ~ The founder of the breed



From Mary Thomas in Somerset  :-

''As I mentioned my father gave my mother a Sealyham for her wedding present and I have found this picture of my mother with "Sam". I don't know where they bought him but they were both working in a hospital in Weymouth when they met and were married within 6 weeks! This was during the war. My father, a doctor, was soon after posted to Burma then East Africa so Sam was very precious to Mum and kept her safe''


From Carol Emmott in Dulverton :-

I have just registered with you, and thought you might like to see this photo of my formidable great-grandmother with four Sealyhams. They reminded me very much of several of the Ilmer terriers at the beginning of your website. Her sister bred them, under the kennel name of Debdale, a family place in Derbyshire, and showed one or two at Crufts.


November 2012

Dear Harry and Gail - I sent you the pic of my gt-grandmother with four Sealyhams, and I thought you might like to see this other pic of four Debdale puppies, bred by her sister, Mrs Brierley. The picture was cut down, so there's only three names on the back, presumably of the end three: Debdale Drummer Boy, Diamond, and Dandelion, aged 7 weeks. This is just a hint to remind you that we're still really interested in having a puppy!

Carol Emmott





Sir Jocelyn Lucas and the pack :-



Sir Jocelyn Lucas hunting the pack


Sir Jocelyn Lucas


Sealyhams at Crufts in 1930


Mr Ross Procter with champion Sealyham in 1906


Ross Procter 1906


 Some more photos from the Proctor family album ~ A wonderful glimpse into a bygone era

 Tea for two 1921

Joy Proctor 1921

Vernon Proctor 1922

The Proctor Family 1951 


Tizzie Craggs Mother Patsy Hines with Tuppence the Sealyham circa 1938

Tuppence the Sealyham with friend Dash


 From the Country Life Magazine 15th April 1913






 From Chris Everall in Worcestershire.



A wonderful selection of photographs from Peter Maddicks and family of Salcombe Devon



A lovely old photo sent to us by Lesley Collins of her friend Anne and sister Jill with their Sealyham pups 


These beautiful photos were kindly sent to us by Debbie Gates ~ The lady in the photo is Alice Barker of Eastleigh, Hampshire with her dog Jill in 1935


The following photos were sent to us by Marje Craik from Arizona U.S.A 

" I dug out some pictures of "Cobby". He was my mother's Sealy. My dad was an amateur black & white photographer. These were taken in the 50s...I was a toddler and as you can see Cobby tolerated me chasing his tail. Yes, they really do love children. Not sure if Cobby was a UK Sealyham or was acquired in Canada. They took Cobby to the UK after the War when they visited the family in Scotland. I remember my Dad lamenting about the 6 months quarantine. My mother was pregnant and they stayed until I was born. I was born in Winchester. Apparently Cobby participated in the birth, barking outside the door during the delivery. " 

This is my dad with "Fashion" in the late 60"s. Fashion came from Robin Hill Kennels,near Bostom Mass., owned by Mrs Elizabeth Choate. I think Fashion has the St Margarets breeding on her papers which are somewhere in the house. She was the second Sealy that came from Mrs Choate Fashion lived to be almost 17. She adored kids and was never far away when we were outside. She slept in the tent with us when we camped on the front lawn.

The following beautiful photograph was sent to us by Kim Fenton who we met at Thame show in April 2014

" I had a chat to a gentleman on your stand at the Thame Country Fair on Monday and mentioned that my mother, who died many years ago, bred Sealyhams if in a small way. This is a picture of her taken, I would think, in the 1940s. I think the dog is Brandy (kennel name not known) who was getting on a fair bit when I was born in 1953, so it may not be her. I remember two bitches in particular, Brandy and Polly, who were fantastic ratters. We lived then in Chesham, Bucks. My mother, maiden name Edith Mercia Boosey (known always as Mercia), was born in 1914 and first bred Sealyhams in Westcliff-on-sea in Essex. She was married first to 'Andy' Anderson, a Mosquito pilot who was killed in the Second World War, and later to my father, Peter Fensom, who also died some years ago. Sadly I have no further information and there is no one left to ask save my brother, but as he is younger than me I doubt he will remember!

Kind regards and good luck with your campaign,

 Kim "